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Zaka Maurice - Rhum Vieux de 7 à 10 ans d'âge - 42° 70cl


Blend of rums from 7 to 10 years old 

75% pure juice, 25% molasses, column distillation 

Aged in American and French oak barrels. New and ex-Bourbon barrels 

Shipping from France

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Zaka Maurice: interbreeding. The history of rum in Mauritius is closely linked to the development of the cane sugar industry. The first settlers, Dutch, were the first to plant sugar cane imported from Java in 1639, then produced the first “cane brandies” in 1694.

The French arrived on the island in 1715 and created the first distillery in 1740. The rum at that time was called Arak, a Creole term still used by some Mauritians. They then introduced the Batavia sugar cane, more resistant and ideal for the volcanic soils and the tropical climate of Mauritius.

At that time, rum was intimately linked to the celebrations and dances that formed, among slaves and peasants, the ritual of the beginning and end of the harvest. The term Zaka also means "to give, to share", which is particularly true for Mauritians known for their sense of hospitality and their generosity. The workers from India, Africa or Asia who shared the labor in the plantations had also had a great respect for the land and its product. It is this cultural and ethnic mix which has always represented the identity of Mauritius, and which Zaka symbolizes in its “Mauritius” edition. 

(Source: ZAKA Rums)

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